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Saturday, April 23, 2016


Life is Beautiful
-by Ela Kulkarni

Ela Kulkarni
life is beautiful
let it be
we are blessed with
a beautiful life
of happiness and prosperity
good, bad, happy or sad
don’t cry when things go wrong
we are the ones
who can bring it along
life is beautiful…
if you know where to look
start with yourself
change the world
and make it better
life is like a rainbow
colorful and bright
even though there are grays
hang in there, because
tomorrow will always
be a brand new day
at times
life may fail to be perfect
it never fails to be beautiful
life is beautiful
let it be
About Ela : 

Ela is a 12 year old, 7th grader. A very caring, loving and emotional girl, who is very artistic by nature, though her favorite  subject in school is science. She plays Piano, Guitar and Clarinet in her school band. She is an excellent competitive swimmer an asset to her swim team named Pleasanton Sharks

She writes poems, articles and started writing Haikus too. Her blog Elasays.wordpress.com has some of her work, please do visit some time and leave comment and blessings for her. Your appreciation will motivate her to write more. You may subscribe to her blog just by adding your email on her website